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Snow Days

Oklahoma has been cold, snowy, icy and generally nasty, weatherwise. So what exactly do you do when you would rather not go outside? Make phone calls, surf the Internet, blog, and/or watch movies. I have done a little of all of them over the past fews days. First I called my mother on the phone […]

Totally Toasted

It is a toaster and a printer all in one. I think it is the perfect answer for that same old dreary toast. And as always, toast is best eaten while listening to Toast by Heywood Banks and in case you were interested here are the lyrics. The design is from the London Design Festival […]

Fortune Cookie

I decided that today was a good day to go eat Chinese food (truly, I think any day is a good day to eat Chinese food, but that is another story). This is the fortune that was in my cookie at lunch today. “You are capable of extremely hard work and dedication.” Lucky Numbers: 3 […]

Unlocking a little freedom

We are once again free to take something that we legally purchased and choose the service provider. Strangely enough we have been able to do this for years with our land-line phones, but not so with our “never-leave-home-without-it” cellular phones. Some cellular phone companies lock the phones they sell and make it very difficult and […]

Happy Turkey Day

Today has been the very American holiday of over-eating and family bickering, also known as Thanksgiving. To bring things a little bit back into perspective I give thanks for the following (in no particular order and not all-inclusive): My life-partner and the fact that she show’s me every day what it means to love and […]

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The theatrical trailer is available on YouTube…. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Rumor has it that you can see this trailer when you go to see the movie Happy Feet which is on my list to go and see tomorrow. Update: This same Harry Potter trailer can be […]

Nintendo Wii Commercial

I really have loved the Apple commercial campaign “Hi, I’m a Mac…” that they have going on right now. But I couldn’t imagine even Apple going to these lengths to get people into their stores. This new (not sure it is really real) commercial from Nintendo is just too funny for words: Link. The commercial […]

Betty Beauty

Just when I thought I had seen it all, something comes along to prove that I was oh so very wrong in that assumption……. This is just what I always needed, pubic hair coloring in various shades. You can buy your very own bottle on the Betty Beauty website. I don’t even know where to […]

not so wasted space

Not too long ago I mentioned here that I had a new iPod (80GB) – White. Well, I have completed my file transfer, recreated some of the lost playlists, updated my podcasts, and renamed it. I ended up with a grand total of 60+ gb of music and such on it. I think that Steve […]

iPod Video

Out of necessity more than anything else, I have now upgraded to the new iPod Video 80gb. I have been whining about the lack of space on it for a couple of months now and my life-partner decided that it was time she made the whining stop and purchased me a new one at my […]