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Resolve to make resolutions you can keep

I’ll be honest, I haven’t made resolutions in years. But this year, I resolve to eat more dessert – instead of a new year, a new list of things I probably won’t get done. Every January, there is pressure to make a list of all the things you should get done over the next year. […]

Pumpkin Dump Cake

I have to admit that the name of the recipe is terrible, but the cake is yummy! I was given this recipe by a friend and she got it from her mother, who found it on Her mother changed it up a bit and I changed it from there. I will warn anyone making […]

Me, You, and a Can of Whipped Cream

Earlier this week I bought a can of whipped cream as a dessert topping (yes, I said dessert topping, now get your minds out of the gutter) – it was for strawberry shortcake in case you were wondering. The strawberry shortcake was delightful and the whipped cream on top made all the difference (of course). […]

Seriously Bad Idea-Hostess Glo-Balls

You know, I really had a bunch to say about this product. I droned on and on for several paragraphs about the product title, the color, and oh so much more. But then it dawned on me that a picture really is worth a thousand words… Via Great White Snark: Link

Cup your cake

Just today I was asking myself what would make this world a better place? I know I probably should have answered World Peace, but I just kept thinking about food (I probably should have eaten before asking this very important question). Which led me on to the most important question in the world: “What are […]

Gamer Grub: First choice or last resort?

If the world didn’t end when Cheeseburger in a Can showed up on the market, then it certainly won’t end now. This is a “food” item that is catering to a target market that I just can’t seem to figure out. Who exactly are they trying to sell this stuff to? Is it lazy gamers […]

One large kitty

Considering how big Hello Kitty is all over the world, a normal sized Pez Dispenser just wouldn’t do. It had to be big – really big. As a matter of fact it had to be XXL. Pez says the new XXL Hello Kitty Pez dispenser has just arrived. I couldn’t find it a direct link […]

Forceful candy

Who can resist candy like this? I just love these! They are 8.5″ of sugary goodness that you can use to have lightsaber duels. These are definitely something that I need to get. They come 12 to a box – I think that means that they could at least last for six duels. I wonder […]

Scouting for blizzards

Dairy Queen has just introduced a new Blizzard. They call it the “Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard Treat” (I left out all the trademark and registered symbols in the name – it was already too much to type). I saw a commercial for it last night on TV (even though there isn’t a Dairy […]

Indoor marshmallow toaster

We all have our own guilty pleasures in life. Some people have chocolate; others watch bad movies; I have marshmallows (and yes I love bad movies – but who said I couldn’t have more than one guilty pleasure?)! My love affair with the sugary fluff is long-standing and even more intense when that fluff is […]