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Catch the fox on fire

If you are one of those people who are helping Mozilla break the record for most software downloaded in one day with Firefox 3.0, then make sure you read the system requirements very carefully first. Mac users who are still running Panther or earlier will not be able to upgrade their Firefox at this time […]

Not sure where this falls

I just saw a mention for the new Lumeneo Smera. It is listed as a car, but it tilts like a bike. I think this is one vehicle that falls in the same category as the Carver (which still isn’t available in the US and won’t be until late/end of 2009). The Smera has four […]

10 uses for your “old” iPhone

Since the announcement of the 3G iPhone has come and gone (during which Steve Jobs referred to the EDGE version as ” the old iPhone”), you probably need to know what to do with your now obsolete piece of Apple equipment. So I thought I would give you a little help by making a list […]

Let the frenzy begin (again)

Just last year the much anticipated iPhone was launched onto the very eager public. It was a very active time on the Internet with all sorts of breaking information on this or that or the other in relation to the all new iPhone. Granted, I loved every minute of it and read everything I could […]

Scooting around

This past weekend was very eventful for me. I did so much stuff that I was not able to even think! The highlight of it all was a purchase that I made. I bought the new Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive! It is one sharp little scooter and it blows away all the other scooters on […]

Hello Kitty goes Green

Now Hello Kitty really can save the world. All she needed was a solar charger to charge her cell phone and the world is a much safer place. Seriously, this cute little device can charge your mp3 player is about 6 hours – imagine that, just 6 hours to a fully charged iPod. It can […]

If you build it, he will come

This is definitely one of the best versions of K-9 that I have ever seen. As if just looking cute weren’t enough, it also moves! K-9 is one of my most favorite Doctor Who companions. I know, I know I have talked about all this before (here and here and here), but I can repeat […]

Wii love Mario

I absolutely love/adore/want/need this mod for the Wii! It is just perfect! Mario really looks like he is climbing out the side of the Wii. If you read through all the instructions (like I did, you find out that he spent hours on this modification. Everything is custom and hand-painted. You also find out that […]

Sweet Emotions for Guitar Hero

It was announced today that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith will launch in June 2008. The game will be all Aerosmith all the time. I am very much looking forward to this game! I will be definitely be downloading the free version of Dream On this weekend. You can read the full press release here.

Another Year – Another MacBook

This year’s MacWorld keynote brought us the news of the MacBook Air. I have to admit that after watching Steve Jobs pull the very thin laptop out of an inter-office envelope; I was almost ready to make the purchase. You have to admit that that is one cool way to show off your new gadget. […]