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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote

Wait… What??? Yes, you read the title correctly, this Wii Remote resembles a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver. Imagine this… It’s been one heck of a loooong work week. And now, it’s a cold rainy/snowy weekend – too miserable outside to even think about going out there. You don’t feel like doing anything except ordering pizza, […]

Math starts at home

I just read an article about how Mathematica now has a home edition. If you are not familiar with the product, let me enlighten you a little bit. It is THE most intense math program you will ever encounter in your life!!!!! It does everything math related. Those smart guys over at Wolfram Research have […]

Naked no more

If having a naked laptop really bothers you, then you need to find a lovely way to keep it covered. Some laptops look cool all on their own. Other laptops just look boring and need a whole lot of spicing up. Either way it is always much better to have a customized laptop then just […]

A shot with the Man

If your Pac Man fever is acting up, then you can cool it down with some cool shots in your very own Pac Man shot glasses. These are just too cute! As seen on Boing Boing Gadgets.

Reset your tea

Since my day (and that of oh so many others) has been dedicated to the new Apple notebooks, I thought it might be nice time for a somewhat Windows related post. These cute little teacups combine a well engineered three-fingered salute with tea – what a combo! Now you can Ctrl+Alt+Del with your pinkies up. […]

Electric Peapod

How about this for cute? I like a car with a nice smile. It makes your day brighter when you drive it around. This is the Chrysler GEM Peapod. It will go a whopping 25 mph and will run until it drops at right around 30 miles (this doesn’t sound that far off from the […]

A little bit fit

This little gadget is a smart version of a pedometer. It is called a Fitbit and you wear it all the time. It tracks your steps, but also tracks the calories that you burned when you took them. As if that weren’t enough, it also tracks your sleep patterns – how long it took you […]

Stuff your bra

Oh this is perfect. It is just what I always needed. Somewhere to store all my stuff. It is the perfect travel companion. The Cleavage Caddy is the answer to all my needs. It is lightweight in and of itself but once it filled with all your stuff – who knows. It is discreet at […]

PC Toast

I can’t count the number of times I have been working away at my computer and thought “man, I really wish I had some toast right now!” Well… let’s see… maybe I can count it up … … … how about ummm… maybe one. Oh well, for all those of you who have had the […]

Pitfall for a laptop

novellamarie created a Apple //c version of Pitfall inspired laptop case. This is what she says: “it’s Pitfall! On an Apple IIC! With your laptop inside!! Perfect!!! This case is fully lined and padded with cotton polka dots. Adjustable red strap. Fits a 13″ Laptop” It is done in needlepoint and you can buy the […]