Welcome to belhoste – an Oklahoma blog that talks about everything and nothing all at the same time.
These about me pages generally start off with “hi, my name is…” well, I won’t be doing that since I would rather keep my real name off of this blog at least for now. Knowing my real name isn’t all that entertaining and how would you know it was real anyway? But I will tell you that I have a real job in web publishing, but I would rather be a full time blogger.

I know that some people are fairly interested in finding out about the people that write the stuff that they are reading. So along those lines here goes the revealing, juicy information you were looking for:


  • Female
  • Tall
  • Blonde
  • Educated – hmmm… odd combination with the first three.
  • Sense of humor, but only when provoked.
  • Animal lover (platonically of course – save the romantic love for those sex furries)
  • Artist
  • Computer Geek
  • Lesbian

You can find more personal information scattered throughout my blog, but I will help to get you started: Four Things, Everybody Must Get Sconed, Geek B-gone, and Bleeding at the Edge.

Some back story

Back in 2005 I started this blog after a couple of “trial” stabs at blogging that just ended up getting me lots of great credit card offers (and more) in my email. I hadn’t thought through some of the consequences of using real information out there on the world wide web. I have since learned my lessons and I keep key pieces of information to myself.

Why did I start blogging is a question I get from time to time, so I will answer it here: I had heard about the concept that was more akin to public journaling way back in the late 90’s. Some of the people that I knew at the time were fascinated at reading these journals about the lives of people who would post their daily information on the Internet. I was intrigued and read a few of them, but since I had a life – I stopped. The idea stayed with me – not to put all my personal dirt out there for others, but to share thoughts, ideas, and the random link.

This blog has survived far longer than I ever thought it would and I have really enjoyed writing for it. I never thought of myself as much of a writer, but I now know that I can string some pretty good sentences together from time to time (not that this is an example of one of them or anything like that).

Why belhoste?

This is by far the most frequently asked question I get when I tell people the name of my blog. And I always ask them – Why not? Really the reason is simple. I needed a name – preferably one that wasn’t in use as a domain name. I tried all sorts of one word names (some of them I was very happy not to use). I also wanted something that was different enough to be memorable and still make sense to me. I started pulling up online dictionaries to look up various name and word combinations. I stumbled upon an Old English Dictionary. The dictionary claimed that the term “belhoste” was a tavern keeper – which sounded like a good name for a blog. Although I no longer am sure that is what it means since the dictionary I found it on is no longer there and I have not been able to confirm it with other sources. So now, it just means me.

Side note: I finally came across another source for the origin of the name Belhoste – you can take a look at it here (not a direct link – you will have to read through an alphabetical list).

Disclaimer: In the interest of full disclosure… You will find links to various products within my website. These links are sometimes affiliate links that pay me a commission when you make a purchase from the link. I also have banner advertising that I get paid for when you click or purchase something. I make every effort to only link to products that I have or would purchase.

Need to know how to get in touch with me, take a look at my contact page.

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