Resolve to make resolutions you can keep

I’ll be honest, I haven’t made resolutions in years. But this year, I resolve to eat more dessert – instead of a new year, a new list of things I probably won’t get done.

Every January, there is pressure to make a list of all the things you should get done over the next year. You make the list and you have every intention of getting them all done. You are off to a great start, but then something happens and the whole thing just goes by the way side. And then you pull out that list in December and make yourself crazy trying to finish it.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still eat healthy and exercise and all that stuff. I will be a better person. I will take care of the environment. I will be kind to all humans and animals. I will make my voice heard. I will vote. I will have terrible sentence structure and be okay with that. But these are not resolutions – these are the ways I live my life. Don’t get me wrong, I think people who make resolutions and keep them are amazing. I admire those people. I just know that when I make them and then I am not able to keep them for whatever reason, then I feel like a failure. I am not a failure – I have failed at things and I will fail at other things, but I have always learned from my mistakes.

I am the best I can be right now; and tomorrow I will be better.

But tonight, I am thinking cake…

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