Doggie day of Halloween

So it is Halloween once again. The drill goes something like this…

  • My dog barks and barks and barks and barks like there are thousands of angry chipmunks ravaging the entire neighborhood
  • the doorbell rings or they knock (which makes the dog bark even more)
  • I open the door
  • the dog sees the little ones (small children in adorable little costumes)
  • the dog whines like she has been beaten because she wants to go play with them (all while her stump of a tail wags like there is no tomorrow)
  • the dog does everything she can to get out the door to go see the kiddos
  • I wrangle the dog back into the house
  • the kids try to get in the house to see the dog – the children are more interested in petting my dog than getting candy
  • I try to keep the kids out of the house (mostly so the parents don’t freak out)
  • the kids get their candy and go on down the road
  • I close the door
  • Rinse
  • Repeat x100 (or until I run out of candy; turn out all the lights; and pretend I’m not at home)

The whole “trick or treat” message is usually forgotten in all this, but I’m usually too busy laughing at either the children or the dog to worry about all that.

Happy Halloween!

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