Top Content of 2011

It is time once again for my top content list. I am very late on getting this list completed this year, but apparently not as late as getting it out last year… I apologize to anyone who searched all year for my top content list of 2010 (you would have found 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009). It seems that I never got around to completing one last year at all! I was even ready to congratulate myself on at least getting a post done every January since this blog began… Oh, well, at least I can say I have managed TWO whole posts in January this year (celebrate the small victories!). So on to the list!

  1. Once again, Women of the Underworld Series tops this list in the number one spot. I love this series, but I am seriously behind on my reading of it. I think Kelley Armstrong is a great writer and I LOVE that she keeps writing, but I seriously need her to slow down a bit so I can get caught up and then wait anxiously for the next one!
  2. My next most popular post for 2011 is the 10 Uses for Your Old iPhone. This is way up in this list from 2009. I am assuming that this is in no small part due to the release of the very popular iPhone 4S. I myself, upgraded to the new 4S last year and I love it. I’m still not sure that Siri is my new best friend, but she and I are getting along okay so far.
  3. Next we have Star Trek: A Movie List in the number three spot this year. The popularity of this list has improved over the years. I am glad to see that my opinion on the order of the Star Trek movies is useful to others.
  4. In the number 4 spot, we have Sexy Female Professions. Over the years since I wrote that list, I have decided that I should have included Vampire Hunter, think Anna Valerious, to the list.
  5. A strange one is on the list this year. It is a post titled: Hell Just Froze Over. It is a very short post from 2006 about how you can run Windows on the Mac. Not sure how it came to be on the top 10 list, but welcome!
  6. Collectible VHS is new to this list as well. I’m guessing people were searching the Internet to determine whether or not they should keep any of their old VHS tapes. If it helps anyone out there in the world, then here is what I ended up doing with mine – DONATED. I donated almost every single one of my old VHS tapes to charitable organizations. I kept the ones that were really important to me and that I had no chance of ever finding in any other format. All the others went to a good cause. And you know what – I haven’t missed any of them.
  7. A favorite top content list member is another list – the list of Top 10 Lip Balms. While I still no longer use any of the lip balms on the list – it still is one of the best lists (my opinion) of lip balms out there on the web.
  8. This year we welcome the Weather Warden Series to the top content list. This is my second favorite book series. Living in Oklahoma makes you a little bit of a weather junkie. Since the weather is so unpredictable here, you have to check it pretty religiously and then hope the wind doesn’t blow in something unexpected before you can get home from work. So books that have weather and magic in them fit right in here (at least in my opinion).
  9. From Sexy Car to Sexy Couch is next on the list. Since this post is on this list, everyone must have forgiven me for the incorrect back seat references…
  10. And last, but not least, we get to Dog Helmets. Motorcycle helmets for dogs – ’nuff said.

That’s it for 2011. Hopefully, keep your fingers crossed that I will get around to posting enough to have new items on the 2012 top content list.

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