To Smoke or Not To Smoke

Ahhh… Whether or not to smoke… that is definitely not the question everyone has to ask. But for me that has almost always been the question. I have been a smoker for [Mom, stop reading right now…] almost 27 years [Mom, ok, you can start reading again…]. I have tried EVERYTHING (ok, maybe not everything, since I did draw the line at electro-shock therapy) to quit and nothing has ever fully stuck. Honestly, I like smoking. I like the clouds of pretty smoke that comes from a cigarette. I have made lots of friends while smoking. I like the conversations that happen when everyone is forced to go outside and take a real break from their work to smoke. I did not like the smokers hack I was starting to develop though… And I hated the ashtray smell on my clothes and in my hair. So I decided to make a change.

Almost 5 years ago I read about electronic cigarettes. I thought they were a pretty cool idea, but never really explored them. Two years ago that changed. I bought my first e-cig and starting using it off an on. I would alternate between smoking and “vaping” (using the e-cig). At first, it was more smoking than vaping, but I gradually shifted to more vaping than smoking. This month, I finally made the switch to vaping all the time!

If you think you will always be a smoker because you have always been a smoker, then you might want to watch some of vapingpoint’s YouTube videos.

Hmmm… I’m thinking I might start including flavor reviews on here in the future….

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