Just a thought

I recently took a trip. It was a great trip, had a wonderful time. But it got me thinking about all sorts of things. People handle situations differently. Some people get upset when things are not going the way they think they should and others just roll with the changes. I’m one of those “glass full” kind of people (at least most of the time – sometimes I’m a realist). I am directionally challenged, but most of the time when I get lost I think of it as an adventure. I tend to discover something I wouldn’t have otherwise found if I had arrived at my destination as planned. I like to explore and learn more about everything around me.

People handle situations differently and I think its great. I think it is wonderful that people comes in all sorts of flavors. I love watching people and seeing how they are in real day-to-day situations. Not in the stalker sense, but in the anthropologist type of interest.

Which brings me to my thought… Life is an adventure, live it like one!!

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