Strange Things I Remember

peas in milk I’ve been thinking lately about people I have known over the years and what I remember most about them. Strangely enough, the things I remember are not what you might expect. I don’t necessarily remember their names or what they did for a living or how we knew each other. The things I do recall are just random bits and pieces of this or that.

It is truly amazing to me how diverse we all are. People who are considered normal can have more quirks than people who are weird. Personally, I like being in the weird category, but I am probably considered pretty normal – oh well, at least it’s not for lack of trying…

Strangely enough, what inspired this post was that I overheard a conversation in a restaurant about eating peas but only if they were in a bowl of milk and I remembered that I knew someone who did that, but I couldn’t remember much else about them.

So here are just a spattering of those things that have stuck in my head over the years about people I have known:

  • One girl I knew wore more jewelry than anyone I had ever met before. She had rings on every finger (including her thumbs), at least 10 earrings in each ear, and even wore a toe ring.
  • I knew a guy once that would only eat cooked green beans IF they were covered in ranch dressing.
  • I had an over 21, but under 30 male roommate that had a bumper sticker on his very own station wagon (he actually purchased it-it was not given to him by his parents). the bumper sticker said , “If you drink like a fish, swim don’t drive.” He did drink like a fish and he very rarely drove at all – whether he had been drinking or not.
  • A former co-worker of mine was one of the tallest, broadest woman I have ever met. Her best friend was the shortest, plumpest woman I have ever known.
  • A very dear friend of mine loved buttered popcorn with peanut M&M’s. She would mix them together and eat them at the same time. She said it was sweet and salty like trail mix – only better.
  • An acquaintance wouldn’t open the microwave before the timer went off for fear of harmful radiation. In fact, he would scream if you opened the microwave door while it was still running. Whether this is a true fact or not I may never know, but it was oh-so-much fun to mess with this guy.
  • A friend of mine only wore Converse tennis shoes no matter what the occasion. He even wore them to a fancy black tie event once. Although, after walking around all night at the same event in 4-inch heels, I couldn’t blame him for the choice of footwear.
  • I had a teacher once who had really big hair. She would lean up against the chalkboard while lecturing and where her hair had been the chalk was completely erased. I wonder if she ever figured it out – cause we certainly never told her…

Does anyone else have any strange things they remember about people they have known? If so, put them in the comments.

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