To click or not to click

dollar signI’ve been thinking lately, yes that is new for me and no I didn’t strain anything doing it. Where was I? Oh yes – thinking. I was thinking about the state of the economy. I know that is some pretty heavy thinking for a girl like me 🙂

I know there are long term political agenda items that are supposed to eventually help everyone out, but I think we can do our part to have a more immediate effect. There are tons of people out there with blogs or some sort of web publication. Almost all those people have ads or affiliate links on their site. I think we could help to stimulate the economy by clicking on the ads on the sites that we visit.

Clicking one little ad costs us nothing and helps out other people tremendously. Just one little click and you may be the one click that blogger needed to get a check that month from their advertising. That one check may be enough for them to buy a breakfast at their local diner. That one breakfast may be enough to allow the diner to give a paycheck to their part time chef. That part time chef may then have enough money to pay their rent for the month. The landlord will then be able to make the mortgage payment for the month. Which means one less foreclosure. Which means …

It’s amazing what we can do when we try to help others.

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