5 Wrong Things

I’ve done five things wrong this year on my blog.

  1. Neglect, neglect, neglect: I have posted very rarely since the beginning of the year. Actually, rarely may be a bit of an understatement – what I should fess up to is the fact that this is my third post here since January. I have lots of ideas for posts – I just need to start getting them put into an actual written form. I have reviews of all kinds floating around my head. I have things to gripe about. I have funny stories (okay some of those are work related and can’t be posted here, but I still have them). I have stupid conversations to share with you all. I have actually managed to go a place or two this past year that you might like to hear about. But have I written anything about any of that – no!
  2. Poorly written posts: As if it weren’t enough to have to admit that I have only posted twice this year. The things I have written are not up to my own personal standards of well anything really. I went back and read them and I was not impressed. One of them was a re-hash of old material and the other was just me griping. Definitely not the best writing to read.
  3. Serious lack of images: I like pictures. I like seeing an example of what it is someone is talking about. I think digital cameras were invented for one really good reason. That is to instantaneously give us access to those moments captured in time. I could really use a few images back here. There have been no images at all on my blog since last year. And there is not a single image on any of my front page posts at all. I have a digital camera or two floating around my purse and I think it is about time I started using at least one of them again.
  4. Broken promises: I clearly recall at least promising to myself that I would be a little more consistent this year about putting something worth reading out here. I have broken that promise to myself and to anyone out here that is still reading. I promise, right here and now, that I will not promise anything else… Okay, just one promise: I promise to try to do better in the second half of this year than I did in the first half. Now I know that really isn’t saying much, but it is the best I can do right now.
  5. Lack of balance: My life is currently out of balance. Not that my life is bad. It is actually really good. But the balance that I used to have between work and life has really gotten out of whack. I work too much and I know it. I keep up with my family and friends via social networking sites instead of direct contact methods.

I’m not writing this as an apology or to give any excuses for my lack of writing. I am writing this to remind myself of how things are right now is not a reflection of how things need to be in the future. I know that the first step in any road to recovery is always to admit your previous mistakes. So as I work on my road to recovery of my writing space, I will look back at this post as my guide of what not to do on a blog. At worst, at least talking about all this gives me more than two posts for the year.

2 Responses to “5 Wrong Things”

  1. As someone who has also completely neglected a blog, I can tell you one thing (okay, I could tell you lots of things, but I’ll only mention one): I don’t think anyone should feel guilty about NOT writing on her blog. Unless the blog is putting food on the table or doing laundry, it is only right that the blog get neglected when things get busy.

    Anyway, glad to see you’re back!

  2. Thanks! Glad to be back!