Just because I can

Not so long ago (or maybe it was – I can’t keep track of time anymore). I read a post on one of my favorite blogs. The part of the post that you will need to make sense (or as much sense as you can make of my writing) of the rest of this story is below:

After all, these are dangerous, perilous times. I know this because the other day I got a huge gash in my thumb. Okay, not a huge gash. More like a slit. A deep slit. Well, more like a shallow slit. But it still bled. Lots. Um, a little. But it was dangerous. And perilous. Because what if I got some of that flesh eating bacteria under my skin?

And since I sliced open my thumb, it’s nearly impossible to do the dishes. And make dinner. And clean the house. That’s why I haven’t done any of those things, lately.

But I can still blog, so I’m hanging in there, despite my trials.

And do you want to know how I cut my thumb? I sliced it on a little piece of foil that was still attached to the top of an empty plastic can that I was cleaning. That’s right. I cut my thumb while I was washing garbage.

If you go and read the original post, you may notice something. It is dated January 2009 (which is a very important part to my story – keep reading I will eventually get to the point or maybe I won’t you will just have to keep reading to find out). Anyway, life in my house has been pretty hectic this past year. It has been crazy, non-stop excitement from start to almost finish – which has left me with very little time for my own beloved blog. After reading such a tragic story of misery, I wanted to help. I wanted to be able to give back to a writer that can actually write and I always enjoy reading whatever she manages to write whenever she has the time to post anything (and unlike myself – she does not string together multiple sentences into one big , long run-on sentence, so sometimes I even learn something when I read). Where was I? Oh yeah… helping others and saving the world.

I somehow managed to keep the story in the back of my mind as time went by and it stayed with me even as I went about my very busy life. Several months after reading the post I was presented with a way to help. I seized the opportunity and made a purchase that could help to solve the situation. I ordered her a smooth edge can opener (of course thinking it would save the world or at least make it a little less bloody). I even started a post about it (this one – which has been in various stages of draft since I made the purchase). After the can opener arrived, I set it aside with every intention of passing it along at my earliest convenience. Time continued to move along even though I hadn’t had a chance to get that darn thing into the mail. I kept intending to mail it, I even intended to send it along with a note and a box of bandages (just to be funny), but instead it sat and waited for me to get around to it. Last week – I finally made it to the post office (if you are counting that is 11 months after the original post). I didn’t send a note and never got around to purchasing a box of bandages to put in with it. After mailing it I had every intention of sending an email over explaining the gift, but I never got around to that either (I am very proud of myself for getting it into the mail at least). But since my information was on the mailing label (I somehow managed to do that much), I did receive a very nice thank you email. And in case I don’t get around to emailing back: You are very welcome! Please don’t cut yourself on any more cans!

One Response to “Just because I can”

  1. Again, thanks for the can opener! No more cans with sharp edges to cut myself on. Now, if only I could get rid of all the other sharp edges in my house. And the rest of the world.

    And thanks for calling my blogs one of your favorites. People are going to think we’re related or something.