Star Trek: A Movie List

We went to see the new Star Trek movie with some friends this past Saturday evening. We loved it!  But before I tell you about going to the movie, I have to tell you how my life has been since I didn’t see it on opening weekend… It was a terrible week! I spent almost every minute of every day trying to avoid all the commercials and blogs and tweets and FaceBook notifications and friends talking about the movie. I didn’t want to spoil anything about the movie, so I have been staying off the Internet and carefully avoiding my email so that I didn’t happen upon any spoilers. It was terrible. Do you know what it takes for a person who makes their living doing work online to avoid the online world? I do – and it sucks!

I’m sure at this point you are asking why we didn’t just go on opening weekend. The answer is a simple four letter word – WORK! We had plans to go and when were ready to go and purchase the tickets, I found out that I was going to have to take care of some previously unscheduled business.

I have seen every TV episode of Star Trek and every single movie (no matter how painful it was to watch). So I thought this would be a good place for me to make known my list of favorites and in what order that they are my favorites. I might even add the reason for each here and there.

And now for the list of Star Trek movies in my order of favorites:

  1. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (STII – 1982) – This was by far my favorite Star Trek movie ever. It had everything a movie should have and more. I could do without the creepy bugs that still haunt my nightmares from time to time and gave me a deathly fear of earwigs, but otherwise it was and is one of my favorite all-time movies. And the best one-word line in a movie ever: “KHAN!!!!”
  2. Star Trek (STXI – 2009) – I definitely rate this as one of my favorite Star Trek movies. I rated it below Wrath of Khan, but it was a hard decision. I thought the new actors were hilarious trying to imitate the original actors – I particularly liked the young Scotty and young Bones was laugh out loud funny. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t already seen it, so I will end my comparisons there as far as characters go.
  3. Star Trek: The Search for Spock (STIII – 1984) – Okay, okay, okay, this movie could have been better than what it was. It had so much potential that it didn’t live up to, but I still loved this movie.
  4. Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country (STVI – 1991) – I really debated about where to put this one. There are parts of this movie that I really loved and there are parts that never did sit right (maybe they weren’t meant to), but either way it ends up right here.
  5. Star Trek: First Contact (STVIII – 1996) – I know you are supposed to hate the enemy in these movies, but I loved the Borg Queen in this one.
  6. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (STI – 1979) – I almost had this one at number four, but it played out more like a long episode than a movie. It would have been one of the best STTOS episodes ever though had that been the choice for it on my list.
  7. Star Trek: Insurrection (STIX – 1998) -Don’t get me wrong, I liked this movie. I loved Data running amuck in it and singing. I movie was humorous and well acted, but the plot was full of holes and the movie seemed like just another episode of the show.
  8. Star Trek: Nemesis (STX – 2002) – Good movie – bad ending.
  9. Star Trek: Generations (STVII – 1994) – STTOS cast members + ST:TNG cast members made for a likeable movie overall, but nothing really stood out for me with this movie. It was a movie made to give us the transition from one crew to another and it worked.
  10. Star Trek: The Voyage Home (STIV – 1986) – There are people that liked this movie, I am not one of those. There were some great one liners that have managed to stick in my brain even after all these years, and that is about the nicest thing I can say about this one.
  11. Star Trek: The Final Frontier (STV – 1989) – It is last on this list for a very good reason. If you have seen this movie, then I am pretty sure that you agree with my placement on the list. This almost rated a one-word review from me: “Ugh!”

Note: In case you didn’t already figure out the cryptic numbers after the movie titles, they are the original order number and the release date. Also, if you are interested in getting the whole collection (1-10) on DVD in one whack, you might consider taking a look at them here.

Now back to my original topic, the new Star Trek movie… Now that I have seen the movie I wish I had checked out some of the spoilers and/or bits of online information. Apparently there were some guest appearances by some other actors from some of the various TV series that were hidden within the film (kind of like how Steven King and Alfred Hitchcock would show up in their films). Which means that I want to know how many I missed while I was just watching the movie. I will go see it again just to see  where it was that I missed them (not that I really needed a reason to want to go again).

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