One post – twenty minutes

22 minutes remaining…

I have been sitting at my laptop for hours trying to decide what to write about. Of course I checked all the usual inspirational places: YouTube, StumbleUpon, and Amazon (hey, you gotta start somewhere). And then I went to the not quite so obvious inspirational places: Archie McPhee, ThinkGeek, and Threadless. Of course, they all had some very interesting and entertaining things, but none of them had anything that spoke to me to write about (of course several of them did get me to part with a few bucks here and there and several sites sent me in directions of other sites that didn’t have anything I wanted to write about either). So of course I just started surfing around trying to find something more interesting and entertaining than the thoughts that I had rattling around in my head: “Did I send that email with the meeting notes?” “When is payday?” “Did I actually have anything to eat today?” “Crap, I forgot to feed the dogs.”. You know, all the usual stuff that noone else wants to hear about. So then I started to wonder if I should start browsing through all my books to find something that would spark a random thought or two that would result in a posting. And that was when I noticed something interesting enough to post – my battery indicator on my laptop had turned red.

10 minutes remaining (it takes time to make links)….

I get the red battery whenever I have 30 minutes or less left in battery life on my laptop. Now most people would go hunt down the nearest outlet to give the poor thing some juice. Me? No, of course not. I can’t have a full battery. I get around 4 hours of life out of my battery when it is fully charged, so why would I need to keep the power cord handy? And when I am busy I just ignore that poor little battery light. Not to mention that the power cord and the outlet that it is almost always plugged into, reside in a room that is not the same one that I am in with my laptop most of the time. Yes, I know – it is a laptop. I can travel with it to the other room and plug it in. But where would be the fun in that and besides how else would it lead me to something to post about? When the indicator turns red, I can check to see how many minutes I have left before it goes to sleep to save itself (it had 22, hence the countdown at the top). At 10 minutes I get the warning that I am about to enter the aforementioned power save mode.

5 minutes remaining…

See ya!

2 Responses to “One post – twenty minutes”

  1. I sometimes have to plug my laptop in twice a day. Once in the afternoon (because I’ve been using it all morning) and again at night. I haven’t actually calculated how long my battery lasts, but I hope it’s not 4 hours. Because, if it is, I am spending WAY too much time on the computer.

  2. When I click on my battery icon, it tells me how much time I have left. I don’t think I have ever timed it to find out whether it is right or not.

    Most laptop batteries last between 2 and 4 hours – which still means that you may be spending too much time on the Internet 🙂