Starbucks made me a food snob

Don’t get me wrong, I love Starbucks. I love them so much that not a single week goes by that I don’t visit them at least once. It’s just that they have spoiled me for ordering directly off the menu. I go into Starbucks and I order my drink EXACTLY the way I want it and they make it for me EXACTLY the way I order it without hasseling me about how picky I’m being. My favorite drink lately is a Chai Latte, no water, no foam, and 140 degrees with maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon on top if you please. I order it and politely browse the new mugs and other whatnots around the store until they call me by whatever name I have thunk up for them to call me that day (can’t use the same name twice – that would be boring) but I can order the same drink 5 times in the same day from the same Barista – I’m not kidding about that one – it was a long day – much like how long this sentence is getting.

Where was I……..?

Oh yeah, I think I remember.

So what does that have to do with my becoming a food snob? It has everything to do with it. I now go to restaurants and order my food EXACTLY the way I want it. I went to a local restaurant tonight and read through the menu. The food all looked pretty good, but nothing sounded quite right. They had a pretty good selection of stuff, but I wanted one part of a meal but not necessarily the other. So I waited politely for the server to come back by (he had already been around to check on us three times while I read the menu – in all fairness it was a six page menu and I had to flip back and forth through various pages before I could make up my mind). When he did come back, I was ready to order.

We were with a group of people and I let everyone else go first (it was a pretty good sized group). They ordered pizza or pasta or burgers or steak – as per the items listed on the menu. It probably took abput two minuyes for everyone else to order. Then he got to me [pause for dramatic effect] and I started to order. I ordered a turkey burger, well done, on a sesame seed free bun, mayo, lettuce and tomato only, swiss cheese, with a side of ranch, no onions, no pickles, wedge shaped fries with ketchup, and an unfiltered wheat beer in a very frosty glass if you please.

The sever just looked at me and said, “that was very specific.” I just smiled and thought “oh my gosh, there’s no telling what I’m going to end up just with now.”

So we waited for our food and engaged in some lovely conversation. By and by, my tasty, perfectly chilled beer showed up. More conversation. Then the food showed up and I took a good long look at it. I poked it, opened it up, checked it, double checked it, and triple checked it. And you know what, it was EXACTLY what I ordered.

We left a very good tip!

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