Math starts at home

I just read an article about how Mathematica now has a home edition. If you are not familiar with the product, let me enlighten you a little bit. It is THE most intense math program you will ever encounter in your life!!!!! It does everything math related. Those smart guys over at Wolfram Research have thought of everything. I am pretty sure that most everyone who works there has some sort of Ph. D. I think even the receptionist has to have at least a Master’s to work there. Don’t get me wrong – I am not knocking the place. I am truly in awe of their products.

I worked at a company where we had several copies of the program floating around for use by the very smart people that worked there. I admit to having played with the program a time or two and managed to learn more about math just by trying to figure out how to print a formula than I did in all my years of high school. Granted my math skills are not completely lacking, but just opening Mathematica and looking at the welcome screen made me feel like I flunked out of Business Math (I would have said Contemporary Math – but I almost flunked out of that – while I passed Business Math with flying colors so it must be easy – oh and for the record I took Contemporary Math before my brush with Mathematica which probably would have changed the outcome at least gradewise).

Bottom line is that the whole program is great. But I seriously doubt it will be on my software wish list anytime soon. If I want to feel like my math skills are rusty, then I will just go to the grocery store and try to calculate the latest buy one get one half price promotion (okay I kid, but there are days…).

For the record – nobody paid me to write this. Although, I am open to the idea. I am also open to the idea of being paid NOT to post (not as a blackmail sort of thing – more as a stop writing those horrible run on sentences before my eyes start bleeding sort of things). However, since I am currently posting at the average rate of one rambling post a week, then I seriously doubt that I will start seeing the big bucks start coming my way for either option.

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  1. Which do you think pays more? Being paid to write or being paid to not write? Because I didn’t post anything last week. I think someone somewhere owes me money.