Cup your cake

Cupcake Bandages Just today I was asking myself what would make this world a better place? I know I probably should have answered World Peace, but I just kept thinking about food (I probably should have eaten before asking this very important question). Which led me on to the most important question in the world: “What are we going to have for dinner?” And when I couldn’t come up with an answer to that very important question (no one ever can) – other than the last can of green beans in the house, I stopped thinking about dinner. Naturally, I started thinking about dessert. All kinds of desserts: pies, cakes, cookies, and so on (I know you get the idea – it really was a never ending thought about dessert items).

I settled on something I haven’t had in quite some time – cupcakes. I haven’t had a cupcake in years. Of course, I can’t let this oversight go on any longer. I will have to figure out how to best go about making cup cakes. Hmmm…. Crap… I know I have a serious problem when the step one to solving this problem is “learn to bake” (okay – I actually can bake, but it takes far too much effort and my neices and nephews who inherited a baking gene and are not afraid to use it are not close enough by to make me some cupcakes to feed my lazy butt – but I digress). Not too worry – that was why some nice and very intelligent person out there decided to invent bakeries!

Now that I have decided that I am going to the bakery to get cupcakes, I will of course get there and I can tell you EXACTLY how things will happen:

  1. I will get in the car and drive to the local French bakery (La Baguette).
  2. I will get out of the car and proceed to the door of the aforementioned bakery.
  3. Just moments before entering the bakery, I will smell all the wonderful chocolatey bakery smells.
  4. I will enter the bakery.
  5. I will go to the large glass bakery case and peer inside.
  6. My tongue will fall right out of my mouth and I will begin to drool all over the large glass bakery case while they ask me what tempting treat I would like.
  7. I will try to say “cupcake” but it will sound more like “murghargurghal….. chocolate” (hey no matter what – I can still say chocolate).
  8. They will be very nice and put something chocolatey in the nice white bakery box for me.
  9. I will pay.
  10. I will go home and open the box.
  11. I will eat a scrumptious chocolate treat that will probably not be a cupcake.
  12. I will repeat the exercise until I can get it right AND because it is the best kind of exercise for you.

P.S. I was going to write a short cute post about the cupcake bandages that you can get from Archie McPhee, but I was too caught up in thinking about cupcakes to be able to do that. But I thought I would go ahead and leave the graphic there since it might be the only cupcake that I ever manage to obtain unless I bake them myself.

P.P.S. The cupcake bandages also reminded me of KC and Elka and since I am missing them terribly right now I thought it was a perfectly wonderful way to keep them in mind!

2 Responses to “Cup your cake”

  1. You’re not the only one who loves cupcakes! I can eat those things all day, especially from the “Cupcake Store”. I love mini cupcakes because I can put the whole thing in my mouth at once.

  2. If there is one dessert I can pass on, it’s a cupcake. I don’t really care for them. (Insert Twilight Zone music here.)

    Hey! That will be my new New Year’s resolution: Give up cupcakes. 14 days into January and I haven’t broken it, yet.