Write Right

I will freely admit that my writing skills are not the best in the world. I come up with some great ideas for topics (that I can sometimes get to come out right when they are on paper) and I can string a few sentences together now and then, but overall I would not say that I am a writer. My sister, on the other hand, can write. She is a great writer (even though she won’t admit it) and one heck of an editor (which she will admit to and yes, she needs to edit my stuff).

The one thing I do have is a lack of fear. I do not fear putting my stuff out there for the world to read. I decided a long time ago that it really didn’t matter whether or not anyone else thought my stuff was good or not – I just needed to put it out there. I found out that the more I wrote – the more I was able to write. Writer’s block didn’t visit me as often as it had before. How would I ever live a life without regret if I didn’t at least give it a try.

So now at every chance I get – I put my crazy thoughts (and activities) out here on my blog and sit back to read my email about how bad my grammar is (which it is and yes I know all about it – you can still email me about it though – I really don’t mind and it only makes me that much more determined to make very long run-on sentences inside of parenthese that really shouldn’t be there to begin with 🙂 ).

The whole reason this comes up is that I recently ran across a website called WeBook that helps writer’s to get feedback on their projects. This gives a writer a semi-public place to write and be able to get some feedback and possibly even get published. I think the site is a great place for a writer to go to get started in their writing.

3 Responses to “Write Right”

  1. I just wanted to publicly state that I didn’t see any grammatical mistakes in your post. Of course, even if there were, I wouldn’t tell you, because then you might come looking for some on my blog. And you would find them, because nobody’s perfect. (I think someone sings a song about that.) The important thing is to just keep writing.

    And now, I’m off to check out Webook.

  2. I can honestly say that I have never seen any grammatical mistakes on your blog. I can also honestly say that I probably wouldn’t know them if I saw them anyway 😉

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