A little bit fit

This little gadget is a smart version of a pedometer. It is called a Fitbit and you wear it all the time. It tracks your steps, but also tracks the calories that you burned when you took them. As if that weren’t enough, it also tracks your sleep patterns – how long it took you to fall asleep, how well you slept, and how often you woke up while you slept. After it tracks every move you have made, it syncs up with your computer (Mac or PC) and puts it all on a website for you to review and compare with the information from other people.

The step part I am only slightly interested in – I know about how much I walk: not very freaking much. What I am looking for is help getting better sleep. It won’t be available until December or January, but I am seriously considering obtaining one once they become available. I would definitely like to know a real answer to how well I have been sleeping.

As seen on Neatorama.

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