Stuff your bra

Oh this is perfect. It is just what I always needed. Somewhere to store all my stuff. It is the perfect travel companion. The Cleavage Caddy is the answer to all my needs.

It is lightweight in and of itself but once it filled with all your stuff – who knows. It is discreet at least until you go digging around in your bra for your credit card while standing in the checkout line at the Starbuck’s. It is unobtrusive – until you put your camera in it and have five oddly placed nipples. It is fashionable – for those who get to see it in active use, but then they are not really looking at your lacy black purse now are they. Speaking of lace, it has a lace modesty panel that doesn’t really do much of anything and could easily be removed since it is so much better to show some cleavage when you go reaching for your ink pen.

On second thought – given how much time effort and energy that I spend trying to wrangle my assets into their container each morning, I think I had better pass.

Found on FashionablyGeek.

One Response to “Stuff your bra”

  1. Hey there!
    I created this for me and have been overwhelmed with the response. I got tired of my boyfriend erasing numbers from my phone, taking money out of my purse and finding out when I was buying something, and having to wear a whole tank top in 100 degree weather to cover my cleavage for work. I love mine and I wear it everyday. I go grocery shopping with no worry of a purse, go to amusement parks with my kids and have fun, go to the club and dance my ___ off without thinking if someone may take my purse I left at the bar.
    That is why and the day you have your card stolen, or miss that important call cause you couldn’t find your phone on time….order one.