PC Toast

I can’t count the number of times I have been working away at my computer and thought “man, I really wish I had some toast right now!” Well… let’s see… maybe I can count it up … … … how about ummm… maybe one.

Oh well, for all those of you who have had the toast craving and couldn’t tear yourselves away from the computer to go and make the toast, then the CrazyPC people have just the thing for you. A one-slice toaster that fits into your available 5.25″ bay. It costs right around $30.

Today everything changed for me. I went beyond asking the question of “why.” Usually, after I see strange things out there on the Internet I ask “why” or “what did they do that for” or “WTF”. But not today – today the only thought that came into my mind after seeing it was “is there a Mac version”? Turns out – not yet, but they are working on it.

Found at the Presurfer.

2 Responses to “PC Toast”

  1. Heat sync…

    I’ve reviewed toasters before, but they were either overly complex or perhaps too simple to do the job, which is one reason why I still have my old clunker from the 1980s. And I may not get this one, either:……

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