Scouting for blizzards

Dairy Queen has just introduced a new Blizzard. They call it the “Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard Treat” (I left out all the trademark and registered symbols in the name – it was already too much to type). I saw a commercial for it last night on TV (even though there isn’t a Dairy Queen within 50 miles of my house). Even though they said the name for it several times, all I could think of after hearing about it was “did they really mix a Girl Scout into that Blizzard?” The name was so long that I automatically shortened it to “Girl Scout Blizzard” and that didn’t put a pretty picture in my head. Oh well, if you happen to have a Dairy Queen close to you, then you might want to go out and give their treat of the month a try. And remember, no Girl Scouts were harmed in the making of your ice cream treat.

I was reminded of the commercial I saw over at the Junk Food Blog.

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