Review: Guitar Hero Aerosmith

First thing Sunday morning (as in 12:01 am) I was in line outside of a local game supplier. They were one of the few businesses around here who thought that some of us might want to get our fix as early as possible. I was about 4th in line and by 12:10 I was on my way home with my copy of Guitar Hero Aerosmith for the PS3. The game is a nice complement to the existing Guitar Hero titles, but it is no where near as cool as Guitar Hero III or what Guitar Hero IV promises to be. I must say there are features that I like better than in GH3 and there are things that I don’t like. This is not unexpected. I figured that there would be parts of it that I loved and parts that I hated and I was pretty close to the mark. First off, the game is really geared towards Aerosmith (no surprise considering the game title). If you are not an Aerosmith fan, then you probably won’t pick up this game anyway – so you can stop reading now…

For everyone else still reading this, I make one assumption – that you know something about previous GH titles. The game has great graphics overall – much improved from previous Guitar Hero titles. The movements of the game characters were much better than GH3 – very realistic for the Aerosmith characters. All the standard GH characters were back in this version, but the extra/unlockable characters are more Aerosmith related this time around. My favorite character is Midori – call me weird, but I have a soft spot for the Anime chick. The game does just what it promised. It walks you through some of the more memorable of the Aerosmith venues. You get to hear from the real band members about various topics in the career play and you get to see the cute GH cartoon versions in the multi-player play (I kinda liked the cartoony versions better). I played through the entire game on Easy in a little over 2 hours – just so I could get a good idea of how things were. Then I checked out the online play. The online play is almost identical to the GH3 online play with one exception. You no longer have the Custom Match option. I was pretty disappointed about that because I liked to look over the list and see how many people were waiting to play. Unless I missed something somewhere in the online play (which somebody please tell me if I did), then I am pretty disappointed about that. Even at 2 AM Sunday morning there were people online ready to play. I played for a little while online and then went to bed. When I got up I played some more. I played multi-player with a friend and then more online stuff. The multi-player has the same songs as the solo career, but it plays through like previous versions of GH. For the solo career, you play two songs from bands other than Aerosmith and then you play three Aerosmith songs.

All levels (easy through expert) have the same 31 songs to play. You can purchase another 9 songs in “The Vault” for a total of 40 songs. The game is worth the purchase price for the music alone (40 songs would cost around $80 to download). If you need some new songs to tide you over while you wait for GH4 to launch this fall, then it is well worth it. If you are looking for a new and exciting GH title, then this probably isn’t it. Overall I liked the game. I would give it an 8 out of 1o if anyone were to ask.

In case you are wondering what carnage resulted in two full days of Guitar Hero playing:

  • one broken whammy bar
  • one stuck green button
  • one wrist wrapped as a direct result of long-term game play
  • four fingers requiring alternating ice and heat to be able to unclench
  • ten packages of eye drops to re-hydrate two very dry eyes
  • three packages of AA batteries

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    The casualty list following two days of Guitar Hero Aerosmith: one broken whammy bar one stuck green button one wrist wrapped as a direct result of long-term game play four fingers requiring alternating ice and heat to be able to…