Not sure where this falls

Lumeneo Smera I just saw a mention for the new Lumeneo Smera. It is listed as a car, but it tilts like a bike. I think this is one vehicle that falls in the same category as the Carver (which still isn’t available in the US and won’t be until late/end of 2009). The Smera has four wheels and a roof so it sounds a lot like a car, but it still has that tilting thing which is very bike like. Well, no matter how confusing it may be to define a category for it – I still think it is pretty cool. It is electric (which is very nice with gas prices being what they are); it goes up to 80 miles per hour; and it can go up to 93 miles on a single charge. The car is still in concept, so don’t hold your breath on ever seeing it in the US. This cute little car might even give the smart car a run for the money.

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