10 uses for your “old” iPhone

Since the announcement of the 3G iPhone has come and gone (during which Steve Jobs referred to the EDGE version as ” the old iPhone”), you probably need to know what to do with your now obsolete piece of Apple equipment. So I thought I would give you a little help by making a list (in no particular order):

    1. Sell it before word gets out to the world that a new version is coming out. As an early adopter, you will never be able to re-coupe what you originally paid for it. Although you might be able to get a couple of bucks for it if you throw in the $30 case.
    2. Incorporate your phone into the next biggest work of art. I think smashing it first would allow you to use the most real estate on a canvas. Thereby allowing you to fill the positive space and leave the negative space to brood about being obsolete.
    3. Take out a 20 year lease on a safety deposit box. Place the iPhone lovingly back into the original box. Make sure to include every single piece of plastic wrapping that came with it or it won’t be worth it. Place the iPhone into the safety deposit box. Close and lock the door to the safety deposit box. Wait 20 years (who knows it may be worth something someday).
    4. Give it as a tip for your favorite server at the local diner. It feels nice to help out others. Although they probably have the new 3G version already because they are cooler than you are.
    5. Use your old iPhone as an Etch-a-Sketch for your 3-year old.  Download and install the Sketches application. Since you are no longer worried about having a working piece of new technology (remember you are now the proud owner of an antique) – you can jailbreak it without worrying about it.
    6. Demote it to iPod status. Load it up with the heaviest beat playlist or two that you can come up with. Then promote it to OhMiBod accessory use.
    7. Place the old iPhone under the leg of your 3-legged table that leans over just a little too far to the left. After all the money you spent on it you should at least get some good use out of the darn thing.
    8. The unique aerodynamics of your old iPhone would make it a nice skipping stone on the water. You can go to the nearest lake and contemplate why exactly you torture yourself by payibng through the nose for bleeding edge products – only to have them rendered obsolete less than 1 year later.
    9. You are the most hip and cool geek out there. You must have the latest technology only. You cannot be seen at the next Star Trek convention sporting anything over a year old. It is now so obsolete that you don’t care what happens to it as long as it is removed from your site!
    10. Donate it to Blendtec.

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