Let the frenzy begin (again)

Just last year the much anticipated iPhone was launched onto the very eager public. It was a very active time on the Internet with all sorts of breaking information on this or that or the other in relation to the all new iPhone. Granted, I loved every minute of it and read everything I could about it before and after the day I bought one. Today, it begins again. Of the 200 (or so) RSS feeds that I subscribe to – over half of them had iPhone in the title. A good deal of the sites behind the feeds have absolutely NOTHING to do with technology. I admit that I have highly anticipated the release of the 3G iPhone. I had even started to make plans as to what I would do with my “old” iPhone (more on that later).

I am sure by now you are thinking that you will find me lined up at the local Apple store on July 11th. And yesterday I would have said that you were right. But now, after the announcement and after I was able to read through the specs on the Apple website, I don’t think I will be springing for the upgrade. I don’t have much use for GPS (even though I am directionally challenged) and I feel like 3G is still pretty hit or miss here in Oklahoma (this is purely an opinion based on current 3G users and not from personal experience). Another reason to not upgrade is the $30 data plan (3G) instead of the current $20 version (EDGE) that I have now – I would rather keep the extra $10 in my own pocket. That leaves me with just one reason for the upgrade – 16GB. My current iPhone is 8GB and I may need more space once all the cool applications start coming out for it. But I am not sure that the extra 8GB is worth forking out more money. What is worth the extra money is the now included [dramatic pause for effect] SIM ejector tool!

All this leads me to what I am now highly anticipating: the release of the next software update – iPhone 2.0. The 2.0 update will have the much anticipated way to download applications (this part of the software has only been anticipated by those of us who didn’t unlock our iPhones). I am happy to see that there will be better email attachment support, contacts search and a scientific calculator. It also has support for the new MobileMe subscription service (it is new and it replaces .Mac). I think I am pretty excited about the MobileMe stuff. I might actually be able to keep all my computers in sync (trust me – this is no small task). MobileMe looks like it will give me everything that I have on my BlackBerry for work (push email, push contacts, and push calendar). And it will also give me a personal network storage drive that I can easily set permissions on for others (network storage is easy – permission issues are a pain). This will save me from clogging up my email sending photos to family. I don’t currently have a .Mac account – it never seemed to have everything I needed. But the push and sync features in MobileMe will definitely make the $99 a year worthwhile. Although, I would have kept the name as .Mac – maybe called it Mobile .Mac (but doesn’t use the very cool website of me.com and .Mac Me just doesn’t have the same ring to it).

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    Well, there’s one person who won’t be standing in line for the next iPhone: I don’t think I will be springing for the upgrade. I don’t have much use for GPS (even though I am directionally challenged) and I feel…