Scooting around

Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive This past weekend was very eventful for me. I did so much stuff that I was not able to even think! The highlight of it all was a purchase that I made. I bought the new Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive! It is one sharp little scooter and it blows away all the other scooters on the road (and it performs better than several of the motorcycles out there). I had been moping around since I sold my motorcycle last year and consoling myself by doing “research” on my options. My main priorities were something that would get good gas mileage; be able to run on the highway without red-lining; automatic transmission (I can shift, but I don’t want to – I think you already have enough to think about while riding without throwing that one into the mix);  not cost a fortune; and  handle well overall. The Suzuki was the only one that fit all my requirements.

It looks like I am back on the road this summer!

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