Coming of age

At this point in my life I have seen quite a bit of technology come and go. Gadgets gleefully appear before your very eyes and then disappear in a dust cloud. I have lusted after many different types of gizmo’s at various times throughout my life and almost never regretted it in the morning after getting into bed with them. I am sure that my parents have seen many more gadgets arrive on the scene and then leave in a huff, but they have never quite embraced the technological advancements in the same way that I (and most all of my siblings) have. It was the responsibility of their children to stop the VCR from blinking and get the microwave to function. It was those same children that set-up and subsequently took over their father’s computer (Apple of course) after it sat in a box for what seemed like an eternity (an eternity to us could have only been hours – I really can’t remember). All of us youngsters became the household tech support squad for anything that required electricity or batteries. We didn’t mind – we loved being able to play with all the new gadgets.

A couple-three years ago, my brother set up my mother’s computer to be able to use WiFi and email (two technologies that had previously been extremely foreign to her). I walked her (by phone) on sending her first ever email to me. For me this was incredibly EXCITING! I spend almost no time talking on the telephone – I check my land line voicemail only about 3 times a week (even though there are messages on it almost every day), but email me and you generally have a response within 24 hours. If you text me, you can almost be guaranteed a response within 1 hour (and that’s only because I don’t generally text while in meetings). And since I acquired an iPhone, my text and email response rates have significantly improved. Once my mother and I started emailing each other, we began communicating more often than we ever had before. Note: her computer is currently suffering from Windows based issues and is on the blink so we haven’t been communicating as much as we had previously. This has obviously increased the number of voicemail messages that I have from her on my landline (but I can’t be sure of that since I haven’t checked those messages since sometime last week).

Today another wonderful technological advancement by the parental units has occurred: my father actually responded to a text message! I am not sure that this achievement will be as understood or appreciated by my readers as it should be, so I will explain my excitement at this. I once sent my father a text message on his phone (because he has been paying for a text messaging package on that phone for some time now) and it went un-noticed for almost six months. The only reason he noticed it was because he accidentally replied to it with a blank message. I know it was a reply because I was using the same cell phone that I had been using when I sent the message and it was lined up right below the one previous message I had sent to him months earlier. So, I called him to ask what he had meant to send in the text message and after I had explained text messaging to him – explained that he had replied to one that I had sent him a very long time ago, he said he didn’t know that I had sent him one and he didn’t know that he had sent one OR more importantly how to repeat the procedure to try again.  But last night I sent him a text message while talking to him from my iPhone. He was able to see that he had a message while I was available and we chatted about it a bit, but I didn’t try explaining the process of how to go about sending text messaging (I have found it works best to just take these things one step at a time). But today, my father replied to the text message I had sent him yesterday (while on the phone with him)!! Not only that – he was able to then respond to my quick text response to him. We had a text conversation – it was amazing!

My parents have finally come of age – I couldn’t be happier!

One Response to “Coming of age”

  1. What’s next? Programming the DVR?

    I would like to believe that I am more technologically savvy than my parents (and I can safely say that I am), but I still sometimes require my 16 year olds help changing html code on my blog. And loading songs on my ipod.

    Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay exactly the same.