Peeping Contests

Peep Chick Yes, it is a little early in the year for me to start talking about my very favorite sugary snack. But I had to make an exception since there is an unheard of number of Peep diorama contests going on this year.

  • Pioneer Press – Photo submissions are due via web or snail mail and all entries must arrive by midnight March 10th. Winners will be announced in the Pioneer Press on March 23rd.
  • Washington Post (registration required to read the article) – Photo Submissions are due via email by 11:59 pm March 2nd. The five finalists from the District, Maryland or Virginia will be announced Easter Sunday, March 23rd. By the way – anyone ages 13 and over can enter the contest – but only those residents that are from the aforementioned areas can win.
  • Chicago Tribune – Photo submissions are due via email by noon on March 6th. The winner will be announced March 23rd. This contest is open to anyone and everyone with this one little stipulation “the finalist will be given the option of shipping or delivering his or her diorama to Tribune Tower at his or her expense by noon March 13.”

Also, it looks like all three of them will have goody bags from Just Born as prizes – which makes it very tempting for me to enter at least one of these…

Update: Due to what I should have foreseen in circumstances, I will not be entering any of these contests. The main reason is my unfortunate addiction to the taste of these little gooey marshmallow creatures! I had several perfectly wonderful ideas for what dioramas to create! I dutifully went to the local grocery stores and bought boxes and boxes of colorful Peeps. Alas, the little boxes of sugary goodness proved to be too much for my willpower. I ate them all! The carnage was horrific! The sugar that I ingested can be blamed for all sorts of erratic behavior on my part (not to mention the new evil laugh that I somehow acquired)! I ate so many Peeps that my tongue stayed colored for what seemed like days (yes, I brushed my teeth and gargled with mouthwash – no help). Well, there is always next year!

5 Responses to “Peeping Contests”

  1. Candy Cane (Not to be mistaken for Peppermint Patty) on February 13th, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    It’s good that people have found some constructive uses for peeps. Growing up, there were always peeps in our Easter Baskets, and we used to sacrifice them to the ceiling fan. I bet a microwave would work equally well for some great peep destruction. (Warning: Kids, do not try this at home.)

  2. Does that mean that your Peeps died in a tragic ceiling fan accident?

    The microwave works pretty well for destruction, but I really like using the Creme Brulee torch on them – it gives the little sugary snacks that oh so wonderful butane flavor.

  3. People who need Peep

    And you need Peep whole, because you certainly won’t be eating the little sugary critters if you want to enter one of these competitions:St. Paul Pioneer Press: “[W]inners of our fifth annual Peeps Diorama Contest won’t just get Pioneer Press…

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