Blu-ray vs. HD DVD

There is no longer much of a contest on this one (read the New York Times article for more info). It looks like Blu-ray is emerging as a pretty clear winner over HD DVD. I have been watching this battle since it began – it reminded me of the Beta vs. VHS wars back in the 80’s. It was my initial thought that Blu-ray would win, but it wasn’t an easy call to make. So I never took any sides on the matter – and just stayed on the fence. However, that all changed when I purchased my PlayStation 3 (the 60 GB fully backwards compatible version thank you very much) and didn’t want to add yet another device to my TV. So I bought a couple or three Blu-ray discs over the holiday season and the picture is phenomenal (1080p is definitely worth the money)!

Yes, most of the titles are sci-fi in nature (big surprise), but I think the Disney choices balance that out a bit. I also am to receive 5 free Blu-ray discs from the purchase of the PlayStation 3 (you can find the rebate form here – the form must be postmarked by 2/29/08). Amazon also has a great deal running on Blu-ray discs (not sure how long they will be running it). So now that the war is over – go crazy!!

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