Guitar Hero III Warning

I read all the instructions that came with my new Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle upon my purchase of it. I know you are thinking “what weirdo actually reads the directions?” Well, I do – not necessarily for setting things up, but I often want to know if there is anything more to something than what is readily apparent. Anyway, after getting everything hooked up and working for my PS3, I started playing the game. The game is great! The graphics are cool. The progression through the game is challenging, but not impossible. The songs for the game are awesome, except for a couple I could really do without. And the guitar that is comes with is fairly comfortable. I played this game, out of the box, almost non-stop for almost 10 hours. In case you don’t know what the heck I am talking about, then here is brief overview of the gameplay from Wikipedia:

“Guitar Hero III’s gameplay remains unchanged from previous titles in the series; the player must hit notes as they scroll towards the bottom of the screen in time with music in order to maintain their performance and to score points. Hitting notes using the guitar controller requires strumming the strum bar while holding down the correct fret button(s). Playing with the standard controller only requires the correct button to be pressed. Notes can be sustained (in which the fret button(s) must remain held until the note is complete) and can also be a chord (2 or 3 notes played together). The game also simulates hammer-ons and pull-offs for sections with a rapid series of notes. Missing a note will cause a performance meter to drop; if this meter drops too low, the player will fail the song. A string of consecutive correct notes earns a multiplier to increase the player’s score, and special sections, marked by starred notes, can be used to build Star Power; when released (by tilting the guitar controller up vertically or hitting a button on a standard controller), the player’s multiplier is doubled, and there is less of a penalty for missing notes.”

This is somewhat similar to the gameplay for Dance Dance Revolution (which I also love). While Guitar Hero 3 is a super, great game it should come with a few warnings. Here is my list:

  • Warning: this game is extremely addictive; don’t start playing if you have ANYTHING else to do for the rest of the day, week, month, year…
  • Warning: extended game play will result in sore wrists, fingers, feet, and necks.
  • Warning: playing this game with friends may result in fits of laughter (i.e. ROFLMAO).
  • Warning: 10+ hours of game play before bed WILL result in unusually strange dreams.
  • Warning: long time game play will result in seeing wavy lines and colorful dots every time you close your eyes (for at least an hour).
  • Warning: use of this product can be beneficial to your hand eye coordination.
  • Warning: extended product use may result in impromptu air guitar sessions.
  • Warning: prolonged game play may result in critiquing of radio songs for difficulty on a Guitar Hero playing scale.
  • Warning: repeated attempts to successfully complete songs will result in having the song permanently stuck in your head

Note: For those of you without any kind of a sense of humor, this post comes fully equipped with a SARCASM disclaimer 🙂

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