Geek by Nature

I have talked about my tendencies for geekiness here and here. but I never really knew whether my being a geek was from nature or nurture. Today I think I have a better idea. My family and I started up a family site over at this weekend. It is just your normal family site with the exception of the discussion boards. You would think that a family website would revolve around all family type of topics; not so with this bunch. The very first discussion was was about the companions of Doctor Who. The question was: Who is your favorite Doctor Who companion? The responses varied from Nyssa to Martha, but we had an almost 100% family response rate (the parental units have not yet had their say).

I will spare all of you the details of the week long discussion of groups vs. blogs vs. websites that the majority of us engaged in before deciding to go with the choice. Suffice it to say that we did not arrive at our choice lightly.

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