12 must have mobile websites

Even though I have an iPhone and it can display the web as it is on my computer, I still feel the need to know and use mobile websites. Some of this comes from the fact that EDGE can be excrutiatingly slow at times and the rest just comes from the fact that I can (at times) be a creature of habit.

  1. Google – http://www.google.com/mobile/ – You have to have a way to search through everything even from your phone. This link is for Google – ’nuff said.Side Note: The link that I use on my iPhone is actually: http://www.google.com/m
  2. The weather channel – weather.mobi – Living in Oklahoma means that the weather is never far out of your mind. Other states that I have lived in do not have the same obsession that we have here. Although having lived through the May 3rd tornado, I have to admit that I now have the same obsession with weather as the rest of Oklahoma.
  3. Traffic.com – http://mobi.traffic.com/traffic – I have found myself checking on local traffic on more than one ocassion. It is very handy locally and extremely handy when you are out of your own city. I know it is the best way to track traffic when I am in Dallas.
  4. Mapquest – http://www.mapquest.com/pda/directions.adp – While we are talking about driving, we might as well talk about getting directions. I have Google maps on my iPhone for directions, but I sometimes want a second opinion and mapquest fits the bill nicely.
  5. BBC News – http://news.bbc.co.uk/text_only.stm – This is the text only version of BBC News. It has limited graphics on it (and the graphics that are there are sized appropriately).
  6. Fark – http://www.fark.com/pda.html – If you haven’t been to the main Fark page, then you are so far out the loop that I can’t help you with any list I put together. For everyone else: get your fix for Fark mobile at the above site.
  7. HandyFact – http://www.squeezenet.com/HandyFact/default.htm – I find this one the most useful when I have fogotten something that I am supposed to know (like measurement conversions). I also find it very useful for those times you need to know what state/city an area code came from so you know if it is too late/early to return a call.
  8. Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/h.html – This site is great for finding what you want from Amazon. I use it to look up the books while I am at a bookstore – that way I know if I am getting the best price before I make my purchase (just make sure to add in the shipping charges).
  9. Ebay – wap.ebay.com/ – Ebay has been mobile friendly since around the year 2000. If I have an auction that I am bidding on or I have something that I am selling, I can keep an eye on it from my phone. This is especially handy since my workplace blocks all Ebay traffic from the network.
  10. jiwire – www.jiwire.com – This company is a “mobile broadband advertising network.” But they offer a locator for WiFi networks in what looks like every U.S. state and lots of different countries. This is kind of a muli-purpose website. You might need it for your laptop, your wifi enabled PDA, or for your WiFi smartphone. They even have a WiFi finder specifically for the iPhone (and it probably works with the iPod Touch too): http://www.jiwire.com/jiwire-downloads.htm.
  11. Mobile Chaos – http://chaos365.com/mobile/ – This is a kind of portal that has lots of categories that only show mobile sites. The portal is kept up pretty well, so the links almost always seem to work.
  12. Twitter – http://m.twitter.com – This only a must have site if in fact you are twitterpated.

I must also admit that not all of these are really must have, but who would read a post titled: “Some really, very nice mobile websites.”

Note: More and more sites are being coded to use a separate style sheet to format the same website for mobile devices. Or they re-direct to a whole separate website if the visitor is coming in from a mobile device. It is my opinion that someday we will not have to even worry about a separate list of sites for mobile devices as the sites will just be there. If you have a PHP site, here is a great article on setting up a mobile mirror site: Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly in Two Minutes

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