What is seen, cannot be unseen

These comments are pretty hilarious when taken in context, they are even funnier when taken out of context. Here are some of the finer pieces of comments taken from fark.com:

  • Clam Juice
  • quadratic bunghole
  • Hoocha hoocha hoocha
  • probable topography of a stink loaf
  • Poo is funny
  • unsuspecting dirt snake
  • equilateral set of sphincter muscles
  • sharp like Ginsu
  • football being crammed up an exhaust pipe
  • Play-doh doesn’t taste all that great
  • Bearded Clam

None of these comments really have anything to do with the original article that spawned the forum thread. If you are still wondering…..{dramatic pause for effect}… it was about a sinking ship.

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