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TARDIS in Trouble I spent part of my evening last night at a local hangout. Someone managed to notice my iPhone wallpaper which is currently the “TARDIS in Trouble” from the Icon Factory.

The conversation went something like this:

him: “cool – the TARDIS”
me: “yeah – you a fan?”
him: “oh yeah – Who is your favorite Doctor?”
me:Jon Pertwee
him:confused looksilence “oh, the third doctor”
me: “yeah”
him: “don’t you wish more people knew about Doctor Who
me: “no, not really – I like knowing that I am a minority. I enjoy being someone who can choose what I like without the help of the voice of the masses. Don’t you?”
him: “it would just be nice if more people knew about it”
me: “well it was nice chatting with you”

Hasty exit – stage left….

You know – he never asked me about anyone other than the doctor. If he had, we would have had a pretty good conversation.

I have been a pretty big fan of the show since way back when it was shown on the local PBS. When I first started watching it, they were already on the fourth Doctor. It was K-9 that was my first reason to watch it and Nyssa that made me stay. The sidekicks (companions) were always the main draw for me to watch the show.

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