What’s in a name?

Steve over at Biker News Online had a harder time admitting that he was a biker than he did admitting that he was a geek. He is even on a 12 step program to admit that he is a biker. From his post:

Actually, before I use the word “biker”, I’d like to say that I use that word loosely. Some guys deserve that label more than others based on their skills and their life-long devotion to riding motorcycles. Some of us just ride motorcycles for fun.

One item that just seems of place in a post with the word “geek” is this:

That motorcycle got me several girlfriends. It was the best weapon I had for winning over the chicks.

Although, I don’t think that I will mention that part of owning a bike to my life partner. She might decide that I am better of riding a scooter 🙂

Ultimately, he decides that he is a “biker computer geek.”

I can relate to that…

Update: Maybe I need a good geek tattoo to go with my new image.

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