Geek B-gone

I have been called many things over my lifetime. Some of them true, some of them partially true, and others with just a hint of truth to them. More often than not, I refer to myself as either “eccentric” or “a geek”. What I had never really thought about was how few females belong to the nerd category. I have always spent more time with guys than with girls because I was such a tomboy and I just seemed to get along better with guys, so it just seemed to me more like hanging out with my buds than being “the only one”. Apparently though, I belong to yet another minority club – that of the female nerd minority I think it will go well with being a card-carrying member of the lesbian club). At least according to Reb:

I’m sick to fucking death of male nerds being amazed by my very existence.

Overall, she says she has to prove her “nerdiness” to male nerds.

Her whole slant on things got me to thinking about myself and the my co-existence with the nerd/geek/brains that I have spent most of my life around. I am a fairly attractive female, I prefer sci-fi/fantasy to almost any other genre (book, tv, and movie); I loved reading the The Sandman and Watchmen comics/graphic novels (not much of a comic reader anymore); I love new gadgets (and used to have a garage full of outdated computer equipment – before eBay); I have worked in technology for 14+ years (sometimes being the only female in the entire department); I play video games (as a matter of fact I used to hang out in arcades to actually play the games); and I have never even once had anyone (male or female) even insinuate that I needed to prove my geek status.

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