Merrily we roll along

Flew out this morning with what seemed to be the entire military population of Fort Sill which was pretty neat. I have always preferred to fly Southwest Airlines and today was no exception as they were just as sweet as they could be and they honored the military guys and gals almost every time they got a hold of an overhead microphone. This little bit of support for the troops was enough to make the very early morning flight worthwhile.

As for the afternoon – I spent it in bed. Between the late night packing, the early morning flights, and lack of liquids/food; I ended up with one doozey of a migraine. Because of the migraine, I didn’t call my mother when we landed. I did call her as soon as I was feeling human again. Overall, all I can say is thank the pharmaceutical researchers for Zomig – the only reason I was able to be up and walking again within hours after that particular migraine.

The evening required a side trip to locate somewhere to obtain drinkable coffee. This, in the past, has been a feat of skill. It is not even something that you can ask the locals about as the majority of them do not drink coffee – so they MAY be able to point you in the direction of somewhere that has coffee, but they cannot tell you whether it is palatable. Thankfully, Starbucks has now opened up a location or two in the Utah County area and one within 5 miles of the hotel. Coffee was definitely a requirement before going over to spend some quality family time.

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