Lesbian Barbie

Barbie the Lesbian It seems to me that being a lesbian and being a proper lady are not mutually exclusive, but Mattel thinks differently. In this day and age, aren’t women allowed to be whatever kind of women they want to be and still be seen as “proper”? What is this world coming to when Barbie can’t be seen as gay in public? Personally, it gives me a lot more respect for her – now I might actually be able to see her as a strong role model for young women. Someone who can stand on her own and make her own decisions instead of just worrying about her wardrobe.

From Chaos Theory

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2 Responses to “Lesbian Barbie”

  1. After all those years with ultra-bland Ken, it’s hard to blame Barbie for, um, looking elsewhere.

  2. I think you make a very good point.

    Personally, I think she she and Ken just had an arrangement in their relationship – keeping up appearances. You can’t tell me that any guy who dresses as well as Ken isn’t gay.