OKC Tattoo Convention

Kat Von D The first ever Oklahoma City Tattoo Convention is being held this weekend at the Bricktown Central Plaza. Being the curious kind of person that I am – I just had to go (it also didn’t hurt that Kat Von D was rumored to be there and I just love her star spots). I dragged my better half and my best friend to the show as well. It was hot, stuffy, and crowded, but worth the 10 bucks (okay $30 if you count the other two people) it costs to get in to see it all. Kat Von D was there tattooing people like crazy. Her work is just amazing and it was great that no matter which angle you managed to look at her you had a great view of her beauty. She is definitely prettier in real life than on tv. We also were able to catch a glimpse of Lizard Man. He looks a lot like you have seen him elsewhere, but he is much shorter than he appears on tv. I did get a couple of pictures of Kat with my phone (forgot my real camera), but they are not worthy of posting.

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  1. […] to the OKC Tattoo Convention (I missed it this year) and was able to see (unfortunately not meet) Kat Von D. Kat has been stealing the show on Miami Ink for quite some time, but this year Kat has opened her […]