Unicorn Turds

Everything really is for sale on the Internet (but apparently not eBay). For $10 of your hard earned American dollars (plus shipping) – you too can own cat crap rolled in glitter and covered in epoxy!!!! Mind you this is the Official Unicorn Turds webpage. What I want to know is – who the flip would have an unofficial one?

I almost feel like I need to put up a hot line for people who might even consider spending their money on this. Although, I think if they really wanted to buy something like this – a hotline would not be enough to stop them (now thorazine is another story).

As Seen on Chaos Theory

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3 Responses to “Unicorn Turds”

  1. Caveman Robot on July 17th, 2006 at 5:32 am

    I think it is amazing how many people don’t realize that I was joking.
    Jason Robert Bell, the one and only offical unicorn turd dealer

  2. Real or fake isn’t even relevant. The big question is: How many of them have you sold?

  3. About 50 or so, people need something to believe in!