From sexy car to sexy couch

Cobra Couch There have been oh so many truly sexy American cars – Corvette, Mustang, Cobra, etc. Sexy American cars are as American as apple pie. Which somehow brings me to the back seats of sexy cars, which is where most people end up eventually. Sexy cars have some really sexy back seats just made for making out. This gives you that back seat feeling in your living room.

“America’s dream car! The Shelby Cobra with its sexy lines and awesome performance has always instilled a feeling of excitement in car enthusiasts around the globe. This high performance machine has guaranteed itself a place in history and those sexy lines have now been captured in Corbin’s latest offering of automotive furniture. This comfortable couch offers a seat and a half that provides ample room for one or can seat two people if they’re cozy.”

from Corbin.

Make sure to check out the Shelby Automobiles site to see the Cobra.

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2 Responses to “From sexy car to sexy couch”

  1. Yeah, but that’s a front seat. (Cobras, like the AC roadster that spawned them, didn’t have anything else.)

    Not that I ever did any necking in a car, of course.

  2. Back seats or front seats – the premise still applies – minus the gear shift :0)