Gimmick + book + video = $$$$$

It seems that every few seconds there is a new diet or fitness craze being marketed to the American public. The crazes are completely unavoidable unless you never leave your house and even then you will probably still get the message. Personally, I think that all these diet fads just make us fatter and all the advertising about them just makes everyone feel bad which makes everyone eat more (or develop eating disorders – which is a whole other story).

The fitness craze of the month is called Oxycise and it isn’t all that much different from what Greer Childers came up with 10 years ago.

I think that we all just need to follow Margaret Cho’sFuck It Diet” and go on with our lives.

In case you showed up here to find the steps involved in Oxycise (from their website):

Step 1 – Inhale
Breathe in fully and quickly through your nose, relaxing your stomach and face so you can take in as much air as possible.

Step 2 – Lift
While holding your breath, tighten your abdominal muscles to pull in and lift your belly. (Placing your hands on your tummy can help guide you.)

Step 3 – Tilt and Squeeze
Tilt your pelvic area in and up. (Your shoulders should be slightly rounded.) Squeeze and lift up your buttocks ever so lightly.

Step 4 – Exhale
Breathe out with resistance (as if blowing through a straw). Keep your head up and your shoulders relaxed, but do not relax your your butt and belly until you’ve finished exhaling.

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