Personality detector

A new gadget to pick up on other people’s emotions is being developed. This device is primarily being developed for people with autism help them relate to others around them.

“The “emotional social intelligence prosthetic” device […] consists of a camera small enough to be pinned to the side of a pair of glasses, connected to a hand-held computer running image recognition software plus software that can read the emotions these images show. If the wearer seems to be failing to engage his or her listener, the software makes the hand-held computer vibrate. […]The software […] could detect whether someone is agreeing, disagreeing, concentrating, thinking, unsure or interested.” from New Scientist

But as with all new technology – other uses for it may be found. Here are my thoughts for some other potential uses for this machine:

  1. Personality detector: use in bars from a distance to determine if a personality exists before approaching
  2. Date perceptor: use when on first dates to find out if your date is really interested in you
  3. Spouse mood sensor: know in advance how to answer the question, “Does this outfit make me look fat?”
  4. Meeting amusement: discretely place the vibrating hand-held computer on your -ummm- person and enjoy your meeting (okay this may require a little extra rigging, but it would be worth it) 🙂
  5. Job Interview device: use at job interviews to determine if what you are saying in response to their questions is even interesting the interviewers.

Anyone have any other ideas?

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2 Responses to “Personality detector”

  1. (1) Does it deduct 5 points for actually meeting in a bar?

    (2) This prospect is scary. Then again, I once went on a blind date with someone; by the next weekend, she’d moved out of state. I have to assume she was trying to tell me something.

    (3) There is no good way to answer this question, unless you’re Reed Richards and Sue’s gone invisible. (And once she returns, she’s likely to coldcock you with a directed force field.)

    (4) I expect this use will be more popular among women.

    (5) I’m persuaded that no one actually listens; I go off on all manner of tangents and they just sit there and nod.

  2. (1) Does it deduct 5 points for actually meeting in a bar?
    It would if we re-wrote the software to have a point system. Come to think of it, having a point system on this device would be quite useful. Not only would you be able to tell how boring your personality (or someone else’s) was, you would also be able to assign points to the personality thereby being able to compare losers. Hmmmm…. very interesting – I can see the reality show now “Biggest Loser.” Oh wait, they took that one – ah, well…. C’est La Vie.