Oklahoma Debut of Porkchop Express

Last night at Brothers Eatery & Pub in Norman, Oklahoma was the premier performance of the San Francisco band Porkchop Express. They are a country band, which seems like such a strange thing to come out of San Francisco, but it is the absolute truth. From what I understand the band holds quite a “niche market in the Bay area” (at least according to the drummer/vocalist, Kitt Thompson) – being the only almost the only one of very few completely insane to play country in California at all. The band was unexpectedly welcomed in with a short warm up act from a local band Trayler Trash. Porkchop Express played original songs from their first and second album as well as a few cover tunes. John Driftwood, of Trayler Trash, accompanied the band on harmonica for several songs. Collin Conoley, lead vocals and ukulele, did a bang-up job on the songs and especially belting it out for “Hippy Girlfriend” while injecting just the right amount of humor. The finale for the band was the song “Bitch Make Me Pancakes.” The song is only performed upon request, which of course was requested. The only disappointment was the lack of pancakes that usually accompany the song. I have to admit that I am not much of a country fan at all, but the songs were so humorous that I hardly noticed that they were a country band at all. The new fans of the band laughed and hollered and had a marvelous time. Great job guys – come back and visit anytime!!

4 Responses to “Oklahoma Debut of Porkchop Express”

  1. Despite a certain person’s refusal to drink jack daniels for his fouler cousin jim beam I’d say the night was a complete success. Thanks so much for the kind words.

  2. I can say I blame anyone for not wanting to drink that stuff – I prefer Tequila myself.

    You are more than welcome for the kind words. You guys did a great job. Tell Kitt he can drag you all back here anytime.

  3. Sounds like it was a blast. Can’t wait for the reunion tour of the Northeast!

  4. Yah, that certain “beamhead” was my hippie girlfriend and music partner, Kitten. Some people (like the wonderful freaks who comprise PCE) just gotta be different! Way enjoyed the whole evening, and still glad I bought the EP CD. Will “…Pancakes!” ever be released? And concerning country in California – Remember Bakersfield – Long Live Buck!